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Ready Wireless 2016

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Ready Wireless 2016

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Chad Wilkerson(non-registered)
Ryan I have to say that your stop motion photography is amazeing! I'm an abstract photographer based out of Nashville who saw your "Dancing Paint" artical in popular photography. I really love what you've done useing the different colors of water and paint in your works. In some of the photos it looks like you've fired a projectile through the subject. I'm just blown away. Thanks for shareing your work with us!
I'm with Erica, I absolutely love your fine art pictures...I am so jealous of your talent, I am a new photographer and feel so overwhelmed with what I don't know...great pictures
Most excellent photos. I purchased the Sound of Color and the Strings of Color and will have them professionally mounted and framed. I will be back for more pictures.

I love love love you fine art photos.
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